We keep your Microscope looking GREAT
What is TDKK ?
TDKK is a Microscope Service supplier  and  LED Specialty Producer.

TDKK is registred in 2007

Service, such as maintenance and repair, can be arranged for virtually any make and model microscope.
Like in Stereo microscopes, "Up Right" microscopes, Inverted microscopes, surgical microscopes, Microhardness testers, etc.

Our LED lighting products, are specialities, that are not for sale in the "normal" shop . Usually aimed at use in a microscope.

By our expertise in the area of white LED, and LED fluorescent, are we ,already for some years, the Dutch distributor for CoolLED illumination products.
Through years of experience
With over 28 years of experience and countless training sessions at Leitz, Wild, and Leica, can we tell you all about the settings and methods of the microscope.

This has resulted in production of an extensive course book and a co-operation with AVANS + the trainer.
Twice a year we present the course "how and why" of the microscope. (Breda)

In the course we will discuss some laws and principles.
But much more of practical affairs and tips, which makes that you can, in an omfortable way, get much more effect of the microscope.

During the course are some practicing microscopes available which you may touch the way you like to try or check the items discussed in course. There is plenty of room for questions and explanations.
LED set for Leitz SM Lux
LED set Zeiss Standard 16/18
LED module Durimet
New visiting address.
TDKK has for various activities and disciplines, some specially equipped working rooms in use. However, due to the increased emphasis on training and coaching of interns, there was a need to search for new space.

We have moved to the very well-connected Nijverheidsweg 4a in Zuidwolde (Dr).   
We can  receive (private) clients and overhaul or repair their microscope that they brought .
There is a second room, for giving a workshop or technical training. 1 to 4 participants.

The location Koekange is and remains the address for research and construction of LED products, and making electronic and mechanical parts.
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