Antiek /Antique
Antiques and collectables
Between all the collected parts and things are some very valuable items, I like to present them in an seperate page.
Mind you, I am not very attached to these items, and if you, for a good reason, like to buy one or more, please feel free to mail me, we will agree on the price.

This is a very special set, in a wooden box.
It is a James Swift step counter, this stage can be connected to an electrical supply and a button, and with every press of the button, it moves one step aside. the forward movement has a manual click/ turn button.
There is a set of extra gear wheels to program the stepsize
This wooden box contains two filters, that fit together, the bottom part (center of the box) is a polarizer glass, the filter in front is only a bit yellowish, probably a Lambda filter (?) the third position is open, I don't have the missing part....

Furthermore, I don't know the mic this set is meant for, an analizer is not here.
Its made by Zeiss- Opton Germany, and that is the only info on the parts.
A very nice purple wooden case with a near complete set of colored glasses