The electronics PCB
The electronics print is for building a LED bulb an essential part.
We have designed a print on  which we can create many different configurations, but where the dimensions of the LED position comes first.
On the photo are the bare board for the G6,35 models and the partially completed G4 board.

Depending on the power supply and light requirements can  various electronics components be mounted.
Some components are in all configurations and are already mounted at the factory.
Leica/Leitz DM LB -LB2
45 watt replacement for
diverse multiview microscopes
Leitz SM Lux
Customer  specific product for Rockwell hardness tester
Not knowing that this small dimmer would become the best selling (also for private customers available) LED dimmer PCB,  you see here the first "home made" series, they still run. (1)

Soon after, we had them produced in the factory and have ordered in larger numbers. Available from 2007.
The design is based on the old faithful 555, but because the dimmer is used in microscope applications have we adapted the overall setting.
So is the regulating curve rather slow in the low part, and is the pulse frequency at such a rate that it's most certainly invisible (also for camera).

The power stage is a FET, which, when mounted on the PCB, can handle a power of 10 Watts. (fuse 1 Amp)
Outside the print we can go up to 8 Ampere.
Mounted like this, is the dimmer for sale for € 19,95
Recently we made a new version of this board, with a number of new options, such as a row of contacts. The print is very simple for building  in an enclosure.

We already have the various connections fitted with the necessary components, so that the switch and indicator LED but also the supply line can be connected directly to the terminals, with very short cables.

The images (left and right) show how a controller is set up with this print ,  you can see the inside and outside

The mounting in an enclosure is often done by TDKK, this allows a simple change to another, or custom enclosure. From a mini plastic to big metal housing,  just what you like or what is needed.

This is not the only that we do, we also design electronics for several other projects  , the printed circuit boards can nowadays quite quickly be produced in the factory. The Assembly of the print is still often handwork because there are several component specifications possible or needed within the design.
The regulator finished with a button and a dail (Professional !)
  Not only the making of  a print, but also the making of the entire controller in an  minimal housing is sometimes a decent task.

As you can see, we now have a very beautiful and extremely compact solution (41 x 23 x 25 mm, includes an on/off switch) that even  fits in the minimum, triangular space in the bottom of a Zeiss microscope.
(see pictures 1, 2 and 3)

The next customer has a Leitz hardness tester, where the same regulator also fits just fine.