We keep your Microscope looking GREAT
Telephone adaptor
Special for making images through a microscope or binoculars, now you can use your cell phone with camera to make beautiful ( hands free) images or movies through the eye piece of the microscope.
Vacancy for technical student,
TDKK is alway on the look out for a smart boy or girl who is attracted to learning the technical aspect of microscope's, and maybe one day will join the company.
Microscope outlet
For training purposes, do we use traded in microscopes as study material. During the course the whole microscope will be taken apart , cleaned, newly greased etc. to be build and adjusted till they are well running microscopes again.

We often need a new "old" microscope.........
And have some well serviced ones standing, ready for sale.
We only sell those devices that we know are for a long use.
Also on these devices we give warranty and we provide the service.
You may already know that TDKK is the Dutch distributor of CoolLED illumination products.

But did you know what you could save on a yearly bases, when you kick Mercury lamps out your lab?   LED is buying once, and no returning costs later.
We have put the differences in a Cost of Ownership list for you.

We would be glad to demonstrate LED fluorescence at your location, we have a complete demo set and can couple nearly every (flu) microscope, of course we bring a brochure.

Inventions also for you!
As you know (now) do we develop our own products, most of them for microscope purposes, but often as well for private persons, and way off the microscope area.......... a lot of people already found us, write down your idea or question and mail it to us, try us.
The use of a (digital) camera to produce microscope images is rather common, But not every microscope is equipped well enough to connect a camera directly.
Now there are camera's available that can be used at the position of one of the eyepieces, we have a lot of knowledge and suppliers to get you the right camera for your purpose, ask us.
Spare parts
Without spare parts, is it hard to repair. We have collected a lot of parts, and have good contacts with dealers and microscope factories so most parts can be obtained. Sometimes however, we have to make parts by ourself or reuse parts from written of devices.
Sometimes during trade in's, we find old but vintage and interesting items between the goods. TDKK has already given away a few of these items ( to the Zeiss Jena Museum), but maybe there's something for you too?
LED Controller improved
Our designers have been put at work to design a new LED Dimmer board, this very succesful model makes it a lot easier to build a complete controller and is also a welcome design for DIY LED builders.
TDKK Microscope Service en LED Specialties Welcome, You are now at the new website (august2015) of TDKK, we have a lot of new things and developments to show you.

Microscope maintenance is our core business, at this moment we're even  recruiting for a young student technician (M/F) who we can learn the trade  of  microscope service person.

Our LED designers have been busy lately to invent new halogen replacement LED lamps, maybe even for your microscope?

We also supply new  or well service second hand microscopes, feel free to ask what we have

New workshop
Our focus is shifting lately more and more to education, this caused us to look for a new office. We found a good place and now have our own Reception and Repair shop, Demo room  and Course room.
TDKK is the Dutch Distributor For CoolLED fluorescence illumination products
TDKK performs NEN3140 testing for you
In need of a new microscoop?
If you are at the point of buying a new microscope, than we sure would like to advise you. TDKK has a fast network of dealers and distributors, so we can provide you with a good new equipment for a reasonable price.

Brands as Olympus Leica, Goodbrother, make excellent professional and semi professional microscopes, we have no stock, but can give you  good advise, when determining your choice, with our technical background.
Of course, we install, and give warranty and we provide the service.
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