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The pE 300
Is the workhorse of CoolLED, this illuminator contains 3 powerful broadband emitters, 1 in UV, 1 in Blue and 1 in Green-Red.

By means of a construction of mirrors, and an adjustable collector lens those three colored emissions are joined into 1 powerful  beam of image filling format.

The light power of each color and the total intensity make this unit an easy replacement for 50 and 100 watt mercury or xenon bulbs. It will not disappoint you. No, more likely will provide you with more light in most filter cubes.

It's construction with  3 emitters, gives you the opportunity to un-select an not used color, in order to avoid unnecessary radiation and background.

Each color has it's own intensity control buttons, so the levels of the three channels can be matched
We see that often there's no need to use the full 100% because this set has more than enough intensity.

Switching on or off takes milliseconds, so no more heating up or cooling down, just switch on and work.
CoolLED pE4000
This light device has a total of no less than 16 different emitters those are divided into 4 groups of each 4 LEDs.
There are at any time 4 emitters (your choice)  "in front" each can work separate or in (any) combination with the other 3.

There is an option to couple this system to an imaging software of some of the leading labels, so automated images or recordings can be made. selecting between the 4 colors in front take only microseconds, switching go another "layer" will take only a few milliseconds.

For easy use can also be chosen to use the "white light"  modus, in this setup you select, by only changing the filter cubes, (just like with the old mercury lamp).

But also in this modus you can adjust the intensity levels of each base color to match the rest. Switching on and off is just as easy.

The pE 4000 is the top of the line instrument of CoolLED and  is made for the demanding user or researchers who may use some not so common fluophores.

Connecting the light output to the microscope is done with the aid of a special flexible light guide cable.

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pE 100 one color fluorescence
pE 100 Combiner for 2 colors
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