We keep your Microscope looking GREAT
This is how we started....
All those years as service technician, did TDKK give tips and directions for a better use of your microscope, most of the times when we where at a maintenance visit, but lately more often on location, as small group training or workshop.

This has resulted some time ago, in writing a few course booklets, that we continuously  extended and supplemented. Until the book is now well over 30 pages thick covering most aspects of microscopes and their adjustment.

The course is not about what you see, but understanding how and why you set up and adjust the microscope at best, so you are able to get the best images.

Two directions
Our courses can be divided into two directions, one is specially for technicians who want (or need) to know more about the technical aspects, because they have to do the first line of trouble shooting for their school or company.

The other direction is for microscope users, many of which are dropped behind a microscope, expected to know how to work with such a device.
Alas this is often a serious overrating, and results for the user and the department are "not optimal" to put it mildly.......

On location and when visiting exhibitions and at other occasions do we frequently bring up the topic of microscope education.

A big Dutch education center  AVANS+ has picked this up and invited us for talks, and asked us to set up a microscope users course structure for one day.

Two of those microscope course days are planned for this year, 17 June 2015 and 11 December 2015 (both in Breda)

The fact that a microscope makes use of all kinds of optical phenomena, makes that you have to know (at least a little) about these things, so you can understand the different functions as we explain them, one at the time.

Because of it's versatility, is it important to practice the gained knowledge during the lessons, this is part of the training.

We bring some parts, to see and feel, and also some good quality microscopes to discover what happens. (Hands On)

Lucky for you, we also do not like the boring theoretical matter...... so we try to limit it to a minimum, and do more practical education.

At the end of the day you are fully able to adjust and use your microscope as a professional.
Even the part of keeping your microscope clean, and making out where a problem lies is an aspects of what you have learned.
( still you are free to ask advice afterwards)

Special day?
TDKK strongly suggest to work through AVANS+, but there could be circumstances wherein this isn't possible (or meaning full)

This is why we still offer the option to use our, or your location to present the (if needed adapted) user-, or technical training course

Ask for possibilities. Contact TDKK

TDKK has it's own office and classroom in Zuidwolde (Dr)
Our course material is (still) only in Dutch, but on request, the course can be given in English
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