We keep your Microscope looking GREAT
Microscope price
We use, during trainee training,  old redeemed devices as lesson material. These devices are taken completely apart, and rebuilt with policy to become a perfect instruments, adjusted and checked.

We have regularly need for old microscopes.......... but also have functioning devices for sale. Rates from € 375.00
You know, of course, that TDKK is distributor of  CoolLED products

But  do you also know what you can save each year?
Purchase a LED fluorescence illumination, and you won't have recurring additional cost.

We have listed a Cost of Ownership spreadsheet for you, which show the savings which are possible.
As you already know, we develop our products mostly for a microscope. But also many individuals know the way to TDKK for very different technical solutions.

Recently developed
a LED dimmer for alternating current, a customer had bought a beautiful LED lighted tree for the garden  but it turned out to be a bit too bright......
New microscope
If you are up to a new microscope , you may feel free to inform what TDKK can offer. We have good contacts with some suppliers and can get you a good microscope for a suitable price.
Finally, we know the quality and have the possibility of service and repair.
Prices for a quality microscope start just under € 1000.00
For slightly more convenience of use (see example to the right) is that eg.  € 1550,00
TDKK is CoolLED distributor for the Netherlands
TDKK performs als NEN 3140 tests
thank to Donald Duck
On the right is one of the last LED designs, created for the older Zeiss Standard 16/18 microscopes, to replace the old power supply and halogen light.
Power supply and lamp holder parts of the old halogen set are regular are of such an age that no new or replacement  parts are available..
Through our vast network we are often speedy with new articles or business, such as  this small  Filament LED lamp, for use in desk lamps, recessed spotlights etc. Actually purchased for rummage sale purposes, but still some in stock 1 watt, gives light as 10 w (G4 base)
Suitable for 12 volts. For sale for 4.45 (excluding shipping)
Sin to throw away .... We had a ton of beautiful old radio tubes which we have given a second life by making a decorative object (without function) out of it. ... also for rummage sale purposes.
For sale for 4.95 (excluding shipping) can also come without sticker .....